Copenhagen, Denmark

2019 / Cityringen – Branch off to Sydhavnen

2019 / Cityringen – Branch off to Sydhavnen

As a part of the basic and detailed design process for the temporary works to assist the TBM’s operational activities during the construction of a new metro line in Copenhagen – Denmark (Cityringen – Branch off to Sydhavnen), Glassfolder LTD (London – UK) was requested to held the responsibility for the design checks for the Adapter-Ring, Steel-Bell, Bulkhead, Pressure-Ring, Thrust-Frame,
Base-Plate, and the structural assessment for the whole assembly/disassembly sequence of these parts.




For the past 10 years, we have been involved in the development of basic and detailed engineering for projects in a variety of sector, including Highways, Oil&Gas, Energy, Commercial-Residential Buildings and Heavy Industry.

At the moment we are focused on offering services of Structural Engineering to our clients, embracing all the aspects of this practice, from conceptual design in architectural firms to the detailed engineering of steel frames, reinforced concrete frames, foundations, pile caps, temporary works, 3D rendering, fabrication drawings, steel connections, fire protection, feasibility/constructibility assessments and finite element analysis.

During our practice, we have been involved with clients in different countries and from different sectors, which has allowed us to increase our expertise in international codes and practice standards, therefore we often take part in our projects as the designer's checker or the structural consultant.

We are proud of our technical contribution to the projects that we have faced in recent years, and looking forward to meeting new clients and help them achieve their technical goals.


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