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    How it works
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    GLASSFOLDER is an engineering company placing professionals worldwide. Our approach is different from the traditional Job Search Engines and Recruitment agencies, we do not charge any commission to our clients and either include third parties companies for accounting services/marketing/contract writing, and because of this the client's budget for the role is not affected, leaving more room for negotiations between the client and the candidate, which results in better salaries and contractual conditions than the average market of professionals.

    What we get in return is a strengthening in the relationship with our clients, allowing us to keep offering engineering services to them, and what the candidate gets in return is to unlock better conditions, salaries, and access to very interesting roles around the world.

    We offer two ways of getting a job, you can see them on the main menu as "Job Opportunities" and "Job Search Plans"

    How Job Opportunities work:
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    1. The candidate fills the application form with the selected role and all the relevant information for a successful application, and then it is sent back to GLASSFOLDER.

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    2. GLASSFOLDER will check that all the information in the application form is correct, and discuss with the candidate if further modifications are needed.

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    3. The CV is prepared according to clients needs and type of market.

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    4. The cover letter is prepared according to clients needs and type of market

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    7. The application package is then prepared along with a presentation letter from GLASSFOLDER on behalf of the candidate.

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    6. The package is sent to the client for the role requested by the candidate, a copy of this package is also delivered to the candidate.

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    7. If the result is satisfactory, the client will get in touch directly with the candidate to start the negotiation process.

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    8. Once the conditions are agreed by both parts the candidate will start the process of relocation, where GLASSFOLDER can give advice and support.

    How Job Search Plans work:

    GLASSFOLDER has created three plans for job searching, Compass (2 months), Advanced (4 months), and Deep Search (6 months),. These plans are aiming to meet more demanding requirements from our candidates, like research programs, Director positions, specific types of industries and locations, etc.

    We will manage your applications from the beginning, starting with the CV preparation, til the interview and hiring.

    We will base the strategy of your applications on your profile, experience, professional scope, and current market situation, creating an integral and personalized solution to fit your particular needs. For that reason, we reserve the right to decide on the approach to the market that we consider the best option for your case, according to our experience and data.

    Resolution Process

    Normally we get results for the application process between 3-4 weeks from the date when the application package is submitted, but this could be extended further depending on each client. During this period we remain in contact with our candidates to let them know of any change in the selection process status.


    GLASSFOLDER takes the responsibility to stay in contact during the whole process with both parties, the client and the candidate, but we have a rigid policy of not interfering with the client's time to assess the application and its final decision.


    Allocation Process

    Once the satisfactory decision is taken, the client will get in touch directly with the candidate to start the interviews and negotiation processes. The outcome of this part is responsibility only of the candidate, but GLASSFOLDER can bring advice and support along the whole process, including the relocation after both parties come to an agreement.

    Glassfolder's role scope and limitations

    Our scope is to find the best roles between our portfolio of clients around the world, present those roles to our potential candidates, analyze our candidate's profile after the application form submission, prepare the best possible application for the selected role and present this application on the candidate's behalf with a positive reference from GLASSFOLDER. 


    After that step, GLASSFOLDER will remain in touch to give support and advice to help the candidate to get the best possible outcome out of the whole process, including the relocation.